Do you have that ’69 Shelby GT500 that you love more than your own kids? You’ve spent years restoring it, creating countless memories along the way, and couldn’t be more proud of the results. Whether you are one of the lucky few to own that magnificent piece of automobile history, or enjoy collecting, restoring and showing any other type of classic car, then you shouldn’t take it anywhere without first investing in classic car insurance.

Annual classic car insurance policies are generally affordable, averaging around $200 a year.


There are a few qualifications for receiving classic car insurance however, including:

  • Usage: Vehicles should not be used for daily transportation
  • Storage: Vehicles must be stored in an enclosed and secure structure.
  • Regular-use vehicles: Every driver in the household must have a regular-use vehicle fordaily transportation.
  • Driver eligibility: Generally, one or two minor traffic violations or accidents per householdare acceptable.

Vehicle types that qualify for classic car insurance include:

  • Antique and classic vehicles
  • Newer vehicles: limited production, exotic and special interest
  • Modified vehicles: street rods, replicas, low riders and tuners
  • Trucks and other utility vehicle
  • Retired commercial vehicles: fire trucks and other commercial vehicles
  • Motorcycles and scooters
  • Motorsports: pro-street and any raced vehicle
  • Trailers
  • Vehicles under restoration
  • Military vehicles
  • Tractors

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